Mark Rutte: NATO’s New Secretary General

Mark Rutte, who is poised to become NATO’s new Secretary General, is one of Europe’s prominent political figures. Serving as the Prime Minister of the Netherlands for nearly 14 years, he has played crucial roles in significant international crises and made strategic decisions. The 57-year-old Rutte will officially begin his term on October 1, 2024, succeeding former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. Stoltenberg will complete his 10-year tenure, having extended his service twice to oversee the strengthening of NATO’s eastern flank (Le Monde, 2024).

Mark Rutte’s appointment process has resulted from a long and challenging search. In February 2022, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the allies asked Stoltenberg to extend his term first by one year and then by two years. During this period, names such as Danish Prime Minister Mette Fredriksen, Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas, and former UK Defense Minister Ben Wallace were also considered (Le Monde, 2024).

Career and Political Achievements

Mark Rutte became the Prime Minister of the Netherlands in 2010 and went on to become the country’s longest-serving Prime Minister. During this period, he played an active role in significant debates within the European Union (EU), particularly on issues such as immigration, the debt crisis, and COVID-19. Rutte’s political skills have made him one of the EU’s primary dealmakers (Meijer, 2024).

Rutte’s influence on the international stage became even more pronounced with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. He led the Netherlands in increasing defense spending to exceed NATO’s 2% GDP target, provided F-16 fighter jets, artillery, and ammunition to Ukraine, and invested heavily in the country’s military. This stance is seen as a strong indicator of Rutte’s potential leadership as NATO Secretary General (Meijer, 2024).

Role Within NATO

Mark Rutte’s appointment as NATO’s new Secretary General holds the potential to shape the alliance’s strategic vision. Rutte has taken a firm stance against Russia, advocating for the increase of NATO’s military capabilities. He has emphasized that Russia will not stop at Ukraine and that upholding international law is critical (Meijer, 2024).

Under Rutte’s leadership, NATO’s efforts to increase defense spending and strengthen military capacities are expected to continue. Additionally, his good relationship with former US President Donald Trump could prove advantageous in maintaining NATO’s internal cohesion in the event of a potential Trump administration return (Meijer, 2024).

Relations with Turkey

As a significant member of NATO, Turkey has specific expectations from the new Secretary General Mark Rutte. One of Turkey’s primary expectations is the continuation of sensitivity towards “counter-terrorism.” Ankara desires that Rutte maintains the approach of his predecessor Jens Stoltenberg, who frequently emphasized that Turkey is the country most affected by terrorism and called for solidarity in this matter (BBC Türkçe, 2024).

Another expectation of Turkey is the lifting of restrictions on arms sales among NATO members. Maintaining Stoltenberg’s stance on this issue is crucial for supporting Turkey’s defense industry cooperation. The lifting of sanctions imposed by countries like the United States and Germany on arms sales to Turkey is of critical importance for Ankara (BBC Türkçe, 2024).

Finally, Turkey expects that the interests of non-EU NATO allies will be safeguarded in NATO-EU cooperation. Rutte is expected to ensure that NATO-EU cooperation continues within the framework agreed upon in 2003 and that the positions of non-EU countries like Turkey within NATO are strengthened (BBC Türkçe, 2024).


Mark Rutte’s appointment as NATO Secretary General is a significant development that could influence the alliance’s future strategic directions. Rutte’s leadership is expected to continue efforts to increase defense spending, strengthen military capacity, and maintain transatlantic bonds. Fulfilling Turkey’s expectations regarding “counter-terrorism,” defense industry cooperation, and NATO-EU cooperation will be critical for Rutte’s successful tenure as Secretary General.


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